Sweeping Solutions

Sweeping Solutions is a young and dynamic organization. We are willing to help you find solutions for cleaning your roads, areas, parkings and warehouses.

We are able to provide tailor-made services in renting, selling and possibly leasing sweepers, sweeping machines, roller sweepers, indoor sweepers and scrubbers.

Due to our independence, we can supply various brands and models such as; RAVO, Aebi-Schmidt, Bucher, LM Trac, Meyer and NIDO.

Besides the sale of components such as brushes, selling winter equipment is also part of our business. This includes salt spreaders and snowploughes. Again, these products are very reliable, professional and well-maintained. Nearly all our winter equipment is from NIDO Aebi Schmidt.

At Sweeping Solutions the concepts sustainability and circular economy are two important priorities. Within our organization we try to operate in a sustainable way. By considering this principle, we hope to contribute to a circular economy.


If we have aroused your curiosity, please contact us.

E-mail; info@sweepingsolutions.nl